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Montgomery County continues to have some of the most deadly roads in the State of Texas. Year after year, a Montgomery County resident is more likely to be involved in a vehicular related crime than all other crimes combined. Additionally, the offense of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is the number one crime committed in the County. Consequently, the District Attorney Brett Ligon continues to devote resources and efforts to prevent deaths on Montgomery County roadway.

The Vehicular Crimes Division is composed of prosecutors and investigators that handle the most serious of vehicular crimes such as Intoxication Manslaughter and Intoxication Assault cases. From the moment the crash happens, these individuals will respond to the scene to assist law enforcement with any legal matters they may have during the crash investigation. These prosecutors work closely with law enforcement and will be involved in the decision to file criminal charges and will handle the case to its ultimate disposition.

In addition, the Vehicular Crimes prosecutors and investigators coordinate the District Attorney’s Office ‘No Refusal’ Program. On weekends, holidays, and other random dates, the No Refusal program ensures that the scientific evidence of guilt or innocence in DWI cases is collected in each DWI arrest. The process of the No Refusal Program is as follows: 1) Officer Makes a DWI arrest, ask for a breath sample, and the person refuses; 2) Officer calls on duty prosecutor and request a search warrant for the suspect’s blood; 3) prosecutor meets with officer and drafts a search warrant; 4) prosecutor sends search warrant to an on-call Judge; 5) Judge reviews the warrant to ensure that probable cause exists to take the person’s blood; 6) if Judge finds probable cause, they sign the warrant and send back to prosecutor. If no probable cause is found, no blood warrant will be taken; 7) prosecutor receives the signed warrant, gives it to an investigator who shows it to the suspect; and 8) nurse then takes a sample of the person’s blood.


The Special Victims Division specializes in cases involving children and families. Part of this division prosecutes cases involving Child Sexual Abuse and is located at the Children’s Safe Harbor in Conroe, Texas. Children’s Safe Harbor is a nationally accredited non-profit children’s advocacy center established to provide a central location for professional agencies involved in providing services or investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse. A centralized location allows families to receive the various services and interact with investigating agencies at one campus, rather than running around all over the county.

The Safe Harbor Multi Discipline Team Members

  • Forensic Interviewers – Specially training to interview children
  • Family Advocates – Assist the families with services that may be needed during this crisis situation.
  • Licensed Counselors – Assist the child in healing after an outcry of sexual abuse
  • Texas Department of Family & Protective Services (CPS) – Ensure that a child is protected and safe in their home environment.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies – Currently Conroe Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and Montgomery County Const., Pct. 3 have law enforcement personnel assigned to the CAC.
  • Medical Forensic Nurse Exams – Conduct medical exams to ensure the health and welfare of children, ages 2-17, following allegations of child sexual abuse.
  • District Attorney’s Office – Prosecuting allegations of child sexual abuse, which has two prosecutors and an investigator currently assigned to this division.

Alarming Statistics

The statistics are alarming with 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will become sexually abused before their 18th birthday. This is why the D.A.’s office is committed to fighting child abuse. The public does a good job of warning our children about “stranger danger”, but, in most instances – the danger is in the home. Statistics show that only around 2% of the time does sexual abuse involve a stranger. That means approximately 98% of the sexual abuse of children is perpetrated by family members or someone known to the child.

Learn More About Child Abuse

There are signs and symptoms which might indicate sexual abuse, however, every child is different and the absence or existence of these signs or symptoms is not definitive. Visit the sites below to learn more about these signs and symptoms.

To Report Child Abuse (anonymously)

www.txabusehotline.org or call (800) 252-5400


In 2011, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office created the Domestic Violence Division. By creating a specialty division, survivors of Domestic Violence typically receive more specialized attention from prosecutors and Victim Assistance Coordinators who only work Domestic Violence cases. The court handles Class A misdemeanor and certain felony ‘Assault Causes Bodily Injury’ cases involving dating violence based on the specialized needs and concerns that are found in such cases. With the help of our local judges, court staff and jail, these cases are funneled into special dockets which allows the cases to come before a Judge more quickly, allows quicker and more personal interaction with the prosecutor assigned to the case and typically the cases are resolved much more quickly than cases found on a normal docket. Family Violence situations can be quite dangerous for those living with it. Our office also partners with the Montgomery County Women's Center through a Domestic Violence Collaboration for Outreach & Advocacy Program (DV-COAP). This partnership focuses on increased education, communication, investigation, and prosecution. Please contact your local law enforcement agency should you or someone you know need help.


Montgomery County District Attorney’s Internet Crimes Against Children - Human Trafficking Division (ICAC-HT) was created to be the first line of defense for children and adults who may be sexually exploited. The investigators and prosecutors assigned to this division have undergone extensive training in the investigation and prosecution of internet crimes that occur to children. The division is part of a national network that consists of sixty-one coordinated local task forces and nearly 3,000 local and regional affiliated agencies. The focus is on proactive and reactive investigations, forensic examinations, prosecutions and community education. The division investigates crimes such as Online Solicitation of a Minor, Promotion and Possession of Child Pornography, Sexual Performance of a Child, Human Trafficking, and other similar crimes. The District Attorney ICAC Division offices a forensic lab for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to assist in the forensic examination of electronic devices. The division is affiliated with Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children and consists of investigators from Conroe Police Department, Montgomery County Constable’s Offices and the District Attorney’s Office.

Human Trafficking:

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, along with Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, are members of the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance for the Southern District of Texas. For more information in our ongoing Human Trafficking efforts, send an email to DA.Info@mctx.org or visit the Montgomery County Coalition Against Human Trafficking on Facebook by clicking the image below:



Prosecutors in the Major Offenders Division specialize in a variety of complex cases, including organized crime, large-scale narcotics investigations, seizures and court presentations, as well as serial cases involving crimes against persons and property and violent criminal activity. These cases include, but are not limited to serial aggravated robberies, aggregate theft investigations, burglary of a motor vehicle and identity theft rings, prescription fraud, and other offenses which have a substantial detrimental impact on our community. Prosecutors work hand in hand with officers and detectives in ongoing investigations. From, responding to scenes, reviewing probable cause statements and search warrants to handling the cases at docket and taking the cases to trial; prosecutors serve as a resource from the beginning of an investigation to the conclusion of a case.

This Division has been highly successful in the prosecution and conviction of numerous individuals who do not reside in Montgomery County, but have come here to harm its residents. This Division has enjoyed a successful working relationship with law enforcement agencies throughout the State, and looks forward to working with them in the future to ensure the safety of our community. In addition to the duties described above, prosecutors in this Division are also available to review probable cause statements, search warrants, and other related documentation, and this Division is also tasked with assisting the prosecutors in the Trial Bureau in the day to day court dockets, as well as sitting with those prosecutors in trial cases in a supporting capacity.


The White Collar Division prosecutes complex financial crimes with a monetary value equal to or greater than $100,000. The crimes prosecuted by this division include, but are not limited to, money laundering, employee embezzlement, theft, misapplication of fiduciary property, title fraud, and other various financial matters. The District Attorney’s office has two Certified Fraud Examiners assigned to the White Collar Division that assist law enforcement in the investigation of financial crimes.

The Civil Litigation Division is comprised of both the asset forfeiture and the bond forfeiture sections. Under Chapter 59 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure the asset forfeiture attorney, when appropriate, seizes and pursues forfeiture of the assets of various Defendants, including local drug dealers.


The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes cases such as illegal dumping onto land or into water, improper disposal of oil and gas waste, and criminal outdoor burning. These laws are designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of all Montgomery County Citizens, both today and tomorrow. This is a large task that requires as much community participation as possible and a large majority of the Environmental Crimes prosecutions in Montgomery County begin with citizen complaints.

If you suspect that a violation from the list below has occurred, contact the Montgomery County Environmental Health department and file a complaint.

If you suspect that a violation from the list below has occurred, contact the Montgomery County Environmental Health department and file a complaint.


The link below offers brief visual summaries of some of the environmental laws in the state of Texas.


The Montgomery County Environmental Health department is the local agent for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality strives to protect the state's public health and natural resources. Please visit their website for more information.